Warning! You see this message because Burn Engine is not properly installed/configured. This problem is usually caused by one (or more) of the following:

1. You have not installed the Burn Engine module. Please, go to admin panel, enter Extensions -> Modules, find 'Burn Engine CP' and click 'install'.

2.The BurnEngine code has not been inserted in index.php file. Please, visit the documentation in order to do it manually.

3. You have not replaced (system/engine/controller.php and catalog/model/setting/extension.php) files with those provided with the theme package. Maybe you have answered with 'No' when your FTP client has prompted you to replace them ?

For more information about theme installation, please read carefully Burn Engine Documentation.

If you think you've made everything according to the installation instructions and this message continues to appear, please contact ThemeBurn support team.